I am a fan of YouTube ads and I love it when businesses take advantage of the YouTube platform. When a business comes to us asking about YouTube ads, they always get caught up on the creative. In the video below I will walk you through an effective ad and what your ad should contain to get results. Most business owners think they need an expensive video and it’s their only option. It’s not. Here are some of the most effective YouTube ads.

It might surprise you.

Number 1 YouTube Ad By V Shred

V shred is just good at what he does. They are on point with their marketing campaigns and they don’t spot creating effective ads. It’s always good to follow what some of the best are doing. Notice that most of his video is shot with a simple phone with his shirt off. A great way to show what we can look like one day. We love his bulging muscles. You know how effective a YouTube ad is by the amount they are spending and how long the ad is running. If you find an ad that has been running for months and they are spending hundreds of thousands on that ad, it should be working. V Shred is spending a lot of money on their ads. Here are the stats:

Video Launched: December 24 2020

Total Views: 46,207,229

One day View Count: 2,723,643

30 Day View Count: 33,869,072

Money Spent: $2,200,000 (*estimated .05 cents per view)

Number 2 YouTube Ad By Jeff Learner

Jeff Learner is new to the YouTube ad scene. He is using YouTube ads to get people into his funnel where we will upsell you into a product. Anything to do with Making Millions quickly is a hot topic. Notice his great offer. Effective YouTube ads come with a great offer. This is the ad we break down in the video above. I am not able to embed the video, but you can click on the link to see it.
Video Launched: Oct 31 2020
Total Views: 14,665,954
One day View Count:
30 Day View Count:
Money Spent: $700,000 (*estimated .05 cents per view)

Number 3 YouTube Ad By Investorsplace

Investorsplace had launched a YouTube video that starts off with a Billionaire showing us his billions. He obviously needs to make money to support his lifestyle by getting poor people to give him more. I don’t like the tactics, but the ad is working. I am not able to embed the video, but you can click on the link to see it.

Feb 5 2021
Total Views: 1,783,769
One day View Count: 909,877
30 Day View Count: 1,263,613
Money Spent: $80,000 (*estimated .05 cents per view)

Feb 5, 2021 1,783,769 909,877 1,263,613 0:1:33


Number 4 YouTube Ad By Grammarly

Grammarly spends more on YouTube than any other company. They have 4 or 5 ads running at one time spending millions on each ad. They came onto the YouTube ad scene a couple of years back and have not let up. They come in at the number 1 spot in Ad spend with a whopping $7,000,000 on this one video. They have spent millions on other YouTube ads without making a profit. Grammarly seems to have an unlimited budget and are trying to capture market share.

Video Launched: Feb 5 2021
Total Views: 156,516,923
One day View Count: 1,624,065
30 Day View Count: 23,641,841
Money Spent: $7,500,000 (*estimated .05 cents per view)

Aug 3, 2020 156,516,923 1,624,065 23,641,841

Number 5 YouTube Ad By Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

YouTube is loaded with cooking videos, recipes videos, cooking tutorials, and cooking shows. Gordon Ramsy is a celebrity and Masterclass is using him for name recognition and social proof. This is a professional video shoot and took money to create.
Video Launched: Oct 2020

Total Views: 14,839,156
One day View Count: 535,666
30 Day View Count: 4,105,322
Money Spent: $700,000 (*estimated .05 cents per view)

Oct 5, 2020 14,839,156 535,666 4,105,322 0:1:44

Number 6 YouTube Ad By Manscaped

I counted a total of 23 different YouTube ads created by Manscaped. I just randomly picked this latest one.

Video Launched: Jan 14, 2021
Total Views: 15,330,246
One day View Count: 393,593
30 Day View Count: 3,567,660
Money Spent: $765,000 (*estimated .05 cents per view)

Jan 14, 2021 15,330,246 393,593 3,567,660 0:2:55

In Conclusion

Are you running YouTube ads? If not, I hope this simple blog has given you some ideas and takeaways. Keep your YouTube ads simple and use arrows and other patterns interrupt techniques for results.

Good luck.