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Published on December 21st, 2017. Last Updated: August 18th, 2019.
by Jace Vernon

I run online marketing campaigns and have trained business owners on marketing for years. And I finally decided it’s time to shed some light on what is happening in the digital marketing world. Let’s audit your marketing.

No one wants to attack their own industry or make enemies. No business owner wants to “bite the hand that feeds them.” But this level of corruption is wrecking people’s lives. Good people’s lives. And it’s time you heard the truth from someone on the inside.

A few months back, I stood in front of an auditorium of business owners at a digital marketing conference, and asked them to stand if they’d hired a digital marketing agency.

Not surprisingly, almost everyone in the audiences had hired a digital marketing agency or was currently working with one.

That can be expected.

Digital marketing is important and everyone gets that. Some businesses spend more on digital marketing than any other expense.  Digital marketing is the be-all-end-all of business growth or at least that is how some agencies would make you feel.

They say there’s a magic formula for online marketing success.

Then I dropped my next instruction:

“Stay standing…if you are seeing results.”

Almost every single person in the room looked around, stared at the ground, and finally sat down. Then, as if on cue, the entire room erupted into nervous laughter.

And these weren’t newbie business owners.

These were the same people hiring pricey agencies, investing hundreds of thousands in PPC and SEO campaigns,  and shelling out cash for the latest and greatest promise—all the while turning around and saying they are losing money on digital.

I wish the answer surprised me.

But, unfortunately, I’m not.

A correction is coming!

Last year I met with a client who paid their online marketing company $15,000 a month and the online marketing company was not doing anything. It was a total disaster which caused me to write a blog all about protecting yourself from shady SEO companies.

This morning I was on the phone with a PPC agency and I couldn’t believe what they were saying to one of our clients. They lied over and over about our PPC campaign just to try and get us to spend more money.

When we asked them what kind of results we could expect, they said that this is marketing and they have no idea.

The Truth..

The truth is 73% of Google PPC campaign budgets are blown on bad campaigns but nobody is going to tell you. Most agencies make money on your spend, not on your results and this is a total conflict.

Last month I listened to a business owner that paid $18,000 for a website that could have been done for $1500. The website was a total disaster and needed to be fixed.

I wish this was rare, but it is not.

I have run into 100s of businesses that have fallen victim to companies like Dex Media, Yellow Pages, Yodle, Network Solutions, Reach Local, Dexyp, and 1000s more.

Here is how it goes:

Your business needs an online presence. Somehow you get contacted by one of the companies above. They cold call, cold email, solicit you at events, or fill out your forms on your website. A lot of them just click on your ads to call you. Which costs you money.

They promise you results and get you to sign a contract that could range from $500 to $10,000+ a month. They make sure to put you in a long term contract because they know you will cancel after 2 months.

Sound familiar?

The salesman’s goal is to get you to sign a contract, and then he can wash his hands and pass you off to an account executive who just got hired.

There’s a better way. Audit your marketing company to make sure they have know how to produce results.


Audit Your Marketing company. It’s a Simple Solution to know if the company you have hired can produce results.

Marketing audit made simple
Did you hire the right agency?
Do they know how to run campaigns?
Can they produce SEO results.
Are they tracking results?
Are they blowing your ad spend?
Do they know their craft?
Can they grow your company?
Do they practice what they preach?
Have they had success.
Are they ripping you off?

Fill out the form below. We will send you a 360 Degree Audit of your marketing company.

Are you still not convinced? Here is where the problem starts

The proof is online if you look for it.

See the image? This is a screenshot of frustrated business owners.

The data is telling a story about what’s happening.

After my years running into businesses that get ripped off, the magnitude of the situation hit me.


It started with conversations with businesses and then I reached out to agencies and ‘gurus’ to confirm what the numbers had been telling me all along.

Businesses are confused and are being promised secret systems, page one of google, more business and results with the latest and greatest Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Digital marketing agencies and Gurus are reporting on numbers that do not matter and trick business owners into thinking it is working, when in fact it is not.

Marketing gurus and marketing agencies take advantage of your desire to grow you business. They use confusing words that sound great but do not get you more business.  We are holding these companies accountable when you audit your marketing.

Online marketing reviews

Here's a simple question you should be asking... Is your marketing campaign profitable or not?

Is my marketing campaign working?

But they told you this time it would be different

Below I am going to show you images of what is happening to my Facebook news feed. It has been taken over by Guru marketers and high ticket items. I looked at my Facebook Feed and in less than 2 minutes I found these.

These marketers are pitching other marketers on how easy it is to land high paying clients by offering marketing service. The main goal is to land one or 2 clients and milk them for 5k to 10K per month.

There’s a problem here and it hurts every business.

Marketing campaigns are not built overnight. Good marketers have years of experience. There’s a big different between a marketer who has had 1 year of experience and someone who has  10 years.

You will want to deal with an expert because you are competing against experts and full marketing teams.

Here are just a few I found in 5 minutes of scrolling.


Audit your marketing to avoid people like this.

Time to switch things up

Marketing takes time, money, and expertise. If you have the slightest feeling that you are not getting the results you think you should, we are going to help.

We would like to investigate your current online marketing plan.

• If there are holes in your marketing, we will find them
• If you are wasting money on PPC, we will show you
• If your social media ads are no good and not producing results, we will show you why
• If you hired a crooked agency, we will call them out
• If you have an intern running your marketing campaign, we will let you know
• If your SEO campaign has zero chance for success, we tell you why
• If you are being ripped off, which is more than likely than not, you will see how, where and why

This can get a bit uncomfortable for the agency or your marketing person, but it has to be done. We don’t even need to let them know. That is your decision.

If you are ready to find out the truth about your marketing campaign, here’s what you need to do. 

Fill out the Form and Get your Marketing Audit & Proposal

We will be creating a video where you can see what we do and how to improve your online marketing campaign. Plus a lot of FREE guides, videos and more. Fill out the form below or click HERE to book a strategy call!