Who are the Dedicated and Good-Looking People Behind The Curtain


Every year, the RED team works with a select number of clients to build custom online marketing campaigns to generate leads, nurture leads and convert leads into paying customers, so your business can grow.

We’re here to debunk all the bad marketing campaigns that have given our industry a bad rap. We hate hype and empty promises. Marketing is hard work and takes a lot of skill and strategy. Don’t worry, we do everything.

And we don’t use standard “one-size-fits-all” templates for the sake of automating our creative process. Your brand is unique, and your messaging should be too.

When you work with us, you can trust you’re getting proven and tried marketing campaigns so you do not feel like a test subject.

So if you’re looking to grow your business, create creative and authentic marketing campaigns, or build an engaging high-converting sales funnel — we just might be the marketing company for you.

Top 5 reasons you will love working with RED Digital!

1. It’s our job and focus to make you money – If you are not profitable, we are not doing our job. The success of your company is measured by how much revenue you are generating. That means everything we do is going to focus on ROI and Revenue.

2.  We are traffic experts especially when it comes to video. – You will often times find us speaking at events, attending conferences and jumping on webinars. It’s our job to know all of the latest a greatest ways to drive you traffic especially when it comes to video marketing.

3.  We spend the time necessary…We work – Our clients hire us because they know that we will put in the time and work necessary to improve their profitability. We use tools like adwords, analytics, emails campaigns and video to create the perfect automated system. But it still takes a lot of work.

4. We are available – We’re are part of your company, and you can’t be successful unless there is quality communication. That means we will pick up the phone and make ourselves available when you have questions or concerns. Because you will have them.

5.  We are Fun and do not take ourselves too serious – Business is stressful but it doesn’t need to be. We try to have a good time without sacrificing results. When you interact with Marketing Hy, we want you to enjoy it.