Want a flow of leads and customers? When you double your leads, you’ll double your business.

We help businesses get more leads and customers with online marketing

Get qualified leads that turn into paying customers in 60 days or less…RISK-FREE. Our FREE Marketing Audit will give you more results than any marketer/guru in 12 months.

We do everything

We track everything

You own everything

We create online marketing campaigns to help capture leads, nurture leads and make YOU MORE REVENUE. We build and optimize websites, build funnels, create Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, run remarketing campaigns, generate leads, build email lists, text follow-up sequences, and much more. We are not… a simple social media posting company or a 300 word SEO company. We want quality posts and engagement that produces leads. 

A Powerful marketing tip!

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”


Create a message that gets your audience to take action. (confuse you lose)


Build website, forms, and social media accounts to send traffic.


Capture leads with content, search, paid ads, SEO, and email.


Nurture leads through emails, calls, texts, and remarketing campaigns. 


Convert leads into paid customers and ravening fans with automation.

“Above is one piece of the REDUP METHOD. When we turn on your funnel…the leads begin to flow. We Grow Businesses Using The REDUP Method to Capture, Nurture, and Convert Leads Into Raving Fans”

We take care of…

The Website!

The website and landing pages are the hub for all traffic and leads. You must get a high-converting website with the right message, look, and feel.

With RED you get…


Custom look and message

We work with you to create a Unique Selling Proposition that will help convert your audience


Fast loading speeds

We optimize and host your website ​for speed. Which means a whole lot more conversions and sales


Changes and adjustments

A Website is always changing. We are constantly adjusting to get higher conversions

We take care of…

The Traffic and Ads!

If you do not have a consistent flow of leads, you can not grow. Here is how we generate leads for you.

With RED you get…


Google Ad Campaigns

Google search ads, tracking, display, video and more


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more

We create, track, and build ad campaigns on social media networks. Today Facebook works tomorrow could be TikTok. We do what works!


GMB, SEO, Backlinks, and Citations

We build out your Google My Business (GMB) listing, optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and get backlinks

We take care of…

The CRM and Automation!

Leads need to be nurtured. With REDUP CRM, you get everything you need to communicate, automate, and nurture leads. This is the ultimate CRM for you business.

With RED you get…


Text, Voicemail drops and Email

We automate text and email campaigns to nurture leads. 


Pipeline and calling system

Leads need to have multiple touches. Our pipeline automation will ensure this is happening.



Automate reviews no need for any other review software.

Why should you use RED?

Marketing Your Business Can Be A Miserable Task. That’s why we created the REDUP Method.


After months of wasted time and money, you’re typically left with a bunch of marketing material that didn’t work.

If you’re really lucky and your marketing campaign does work, your bank balance gets a whole lot bigger… then you cross your fingers that it keeps working. It never does.

After going through this marketing cycle way too many times ourselves, we started RED to become the marketing company we wish we could have had

That means strategic, reliable, accountable, and profitable.

Discover The Power Of A Marketing Campaign That Will Bring You Predictable Customers…WITHOUT Breaking The Bank.

Problems we find:


Bad Or No Leads Coming In


Zero Traffic Coming To Your Website


No Nurture Campaigns Or Automation


Wasted Ad Budgets On Bad Traffic


Message Is Confusing Or No Offers


Confused on where to start


Not Enough Revenue Or Time


Ripped off by other marketing companies

How do we fix your problems?


The Setup: We create the website, message, offers, social media accounts, and content to prepare for traffic.


Capture Leads: Drive traffic with Google, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, SEO, and track all numbers.


Nurture Leads: With REDUP CRM we educate your leads by email, text, calls, and voicemail to help them make the right decision


Convert Leads: Ask for reviews, referrals, and build out long term nurture campaigns.

Get a full audit of your current online marketing campaign. We will show you how bad or good you are doing.

You are not coming to us to buy marketing…You are coming to us to make you money. Let’s grow your business with an online marketing campaign that delivers RESULTS. We offer 100% done for you marketing campaigns. My only question is…are you ready to grow? Get a marketing proposal by filling out the form. 

Here is how it works!

Just follow these 4 steps

Good digital marketing is attracting customers by content that teaches and solves problems to build trust.

Book a Call

We have you book a call and fill out a form so we can look into your current marketing campaign 


Look over your proposal

After our call you will receive a video walking you through what we would do to grow your business.


Decide if you like us

If you like what you hear and see. We send over a month to month contract and collect payment.

We get to work

Putting in the hours and getting the work done is all that matters. That’s how your business will grow!

RED Digital Marketing Guarantee

Only a handful of pay per click management companies have earned Partner Status. The badge is awarded to agencies who have shown outstanding results for their clients over an extended period of time. Red Digital Marketing Company is proud to be part of that revered group.