Online Marketing Checklist?

Double Your Leads and You Will Double Your Sales.

To succeed in your business, it’s essential to attract leads and transform them into raving fans. Here’s our proven method. Dive in!

The Setup and Foundation

You have to setup a website, GMB, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Ads, Conversion Tracking, Your USP and Facebook Manager. This is where it all starts. You must do it correctly.

Capture Leads By Posting Free Quality Content

You need to let people know about your stuff. Post quality content consistently on all platforms for a long time. Posting content makes your paid ads more effective.

*Make your lead magnet or offer so insanely good people will feel stupid saying no*

Capture Leads With SEO

The RED content strategy is really simple.

1. We do a search and use tools like chatgpt to get content ideas.
2. We use tools like answer the public to find what is trending right now and what people are willing to pay for keywords.
3. Use tools like to spin up articles
4. Create videos, posts, and other assets to post on all platforms
5. Use the $1 a day system to see what gets the best engagement.
Rinse and Repeat!

*Looks simple, hard to implement.

Capture Leads By Running Paid Ads

Paid ads can be the fastest way to increase you leads. Run ads on on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. Not all platforms are created equal. There is an art to running paid ads.

*most ads do not make money but when they do…you scale quickly and print money*

Nurture Leads By Providing Value

Providing value to leads will make them want to give you money. We like to use remarketing to keep your message infront of your audience. 

*Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk*

Nurture Leads With Followup

Use REDUP to text, email and call your leads. You should followup with your leads within 5 minutes and reach out 6 to 9 times before giving up on them.

Close the deal and Turn Leads Into Raving Fans

Make sure you deliver on your promises. Ask for referrals and a reviews which will increase your leads. 

Yes! This is the Outline that will double your leads and your business, but very few people have the discipline and the know how to follow it. We can do it for you!