Looking to pay per lead? Here’s how it works.

Marketing works, but Agencies are ripping off business owners by Charging huge retainer fees without guaranteeing results. Let’s change that, only pay per lead.


The problem

Marketing is guesswork for most businesses. They hire agencies hoping they can deliver. 90% of them do not.  It’s worse than gambling. The agency will handcuff the business into a Long Term Contract and if they don’t perform, the agency still gets paid. You don’t need to do that, pay per lead.

Sound familiar?

It’s not fair.


The Solution

Pay For Performance When a marketing agency and the client both are working towards the same goal, results are inevitable.

The client can grow their business because they are getting qualified leads. The agency has a risk because they are putting up its own money. With risk comes a higher reward for the agency. Pay Per Lead.


Our Mission

We grow businesses by providing quality leads on a Pay Per Performance model. So the business can focus on closing deals not marketing. Pay per lead, only REAL leads.

If you’re tired of not seeing results and want to pay for quality leads, fill out the form and we’ll have a conversation. Results are guaranteed, so no risk. Only Pay Per Lead.


Pricing is customized and will be determined after discussing your business and needs. Step 1 is to click on the link and get a proposal. 


We are in the Home improvement business, we’ve tried all the big agencies like SCORPION, and they don’t Compare to Jace, Kiahna and the rest of the team at Red.

Truly caring, responsive and creative. They took our twin home Experts YouTube channel and ranked us here in Los Angeles, which is the most competitive market.

These guys are RED HOT !!!

Thank you for making a difference in our business 🙏🙏

I’ve worked with Jace for over 5 years now, having some outstanding videos produced for us, as well as following his lead with various marketing strategies simply by watching and learning.

There is a lot of misinformation and rubbish out there on marketing these days, and it’s easy to waste money on the latest experts promising large results but delivering little value.

One thing I can say after all this time is that Jace walks the talk, and the guy knows what he’s doing. I couldn’t recommend him and the team enough. Real value and top quality.

We have been with RED Digital for a few years and I think it is time to leave a review.

At first we were paying a high fee to a firm that was not performing. I think this is a typical story for a lot of businesses. When RED came aboard it was a totally different feeling. They immediately came in a shot a bunch of videos for content. After that, they fixed our SEO issues and redid our website. They started to drive leads with SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, YouTube and video ads.

It’s been a great experience. I highly recommend them. It’s nice to know our marketing needs are being taken care of and they are being done correctly.