15 Characteristics of Memorable Copywriting


Remember the iconic tagline “It’s toasted” from the hit television show Mad Men? While we don’t endorse smoking, we can’t deny the memorability and catchiness of that slogan. Good copywriting has the power to captivate audiences, make a lasting impression, and drive action. In this article, we’ll explore 15 characteristics of truly memorable copywriting that can help you craft compelling and effective marketing messages. From tilting perspectives to using formatting to your advantage, these traits will elevate your writing and set it apart from the rest.

1) It tilts your perspective

When it comes to copywriting, sometimes all you need is a slight shift in angle to break through a reader’s guard. Taking an unexpected approach can make your message resonate with the audience. For example, the ad from Sage Therapeutics on postpartum depression puts readers in the position of experiencing the struggle that mothers go through, instead of asking them to care about something they don’t know. By finding the larger story behind your message, you can engage readers in a more meaningful way.

2) It finds connections

Creativity is all about connecting things, as Steve Jobs famously said. Instead of focusing solely on the features of a product, good copywriting draws connections between the product and the experiences it evokes. Nike’s advertisement for running shoes taps into the emotional aspect of running, connecting it to solitude, peace, and simplicity. By finding the deeper meaning behind your product or service, you can create a more resonant message.

3) It has a stunning lead

The lead of your copywriting is crucial in capturing the reader’s attention and enticing them to continue reading. Whether it’s a provocative statement, a curious question, or a clever play on words, a strong lead makes readers want to know more. Urban Daddy, an email-based magazine, uses compelling leads like “Six days. That’s how long you have until 65% of your body is turkey” to grab attention from the start. Remember, the purpose of the headline is to get readers to read the first line, and the purpose of the first line is to get them to read the second line and so on. Make sure your lead enthralls your readers.

4) It is born out of listening

Good copywriting comes from understanding your audience. By listening to their needs, desires, and language, you can create messaging that truly speaks to them. GymIt, a gym brand, simplified the gym-going experience for people who prioritize working out and don’t want the added frills of luxury gyms. By humbling yourself and truly serving your audience, you can create copy that resonates with them.

5) It avoids jargon and hyperbole

Good copywriting should speak to readers in human terms and avoid using jargon or hyperbole. Instead of dressing up your message with unnecessary buzzwords, be direct and clear in conveying the value of your product or service. Basecamp’s homepage does an excellent job of highlighting its popularity in concrete terms, without resorting to unnecessary embellishments.

6) It knows its audience

Understanding your audience is the key to effective communication. Good copywriting addresses the needs, pain points, and desires of the audience, making the message more relevant, relatable, and engaging. By tailoring your messaging, tone, and language to resonate with your readers, you can foster a connection and increase the chances of achieving the desired outcome.

7) It uses compelling headlines

Attention-grabbing headlines are essential in capturing your audience’s interest in a crowded online