If you run a healthcare clinic, or any other medical practice, scheduling appointments is a vital part of your day to day functions. Hiring a remote virtual medical scheduling team helps bridge the gap between a practice and it’s patients.

To optimally schedule patients at not only your convenience, but theirs, you need to have an efficient appointment scheduling service in place. 

A lot of the time, the current staff at your medical practice is too busy to be processing calls and scheduling appointments at a rate that your practice is capable of holding. They’re taking care of other responsibilities and therefore your client schedule rate is suffering.

With Booking by RED, we book your appointments for you! Not only does this save you and your team time, but we’ll keep your calendar booked! Let us break down the facts.

Detrimental Lead Response Practices

When it comes to medical scheduling, it’s all about lead response time. Potential patients want to feel important because their time matters just as much as your business’s time. Everyone is busy.

That’s why having schedulers in place who can call and book appointments during your office hours seems impossible, but it’s not. You can have clients being scheduled for your office, without your staff’s time being taken up.

1. Not Responding Quickly

Lead time response needs to be quick and efficient.

When companies fail to match the potential patients expectations response wise, they’re hurting their scheduling rate.

With Booking by RED, we make contact within 5 minutes of receiving a new lead and book them.

Client leads lose value as quickly as the minute passes, so responding in a timely manner is key to booking appointments.

The second you get a new lead, they’re at their highest level of interest. The fact is, the sooner you respond after they submit their information, the higher your chance is of scheduling them in the future through your schedule funnel.

2. Failing to Lead Nurture

When it comes to generating leads, that’s not always the hard part. The hard part is nurturing them after receiving them.

Just because you’ve received someone’s information doesn’t mean they’re thinking about scheduling right away. 

More often than not, they just want some more information about your practice. They don’t want to schedule an appointment and pay money for something they don’t want.

79% of marketing leads never convert into actual sales. 

Commonly, this can be from failing to lead nurture. Not nurturing your leads can create a drop in scheduling opportunities up to 20%.

Having a lead nurturing plan in place can greatly heighten your scheduling percentage, as well as create a better relationship with patient’s, revenue and many other things.

3. Not Following-Up

The conversations that are had with potential patient’s have a huge effect on their likelihood to schedule an appointment. Without quality conversations, there’s little to no growth in your business.

You can have a great marketing plan set up, but that doesn’t mean anything if your leads it’s generating aren’t being followed up with.

Just like not nurturing leads, almost half of schedulers don’t call again after trying one time. When potential patients are most likely going to say no 4x before they finally say yes!

With Booking by RED, we will train your staff on what to do and say to book more appointments. 

They can use our scripts, or our scheduling team can review your current script and give training on how to improve scheduling and show rate. 

4. Holding on to Bad Leads

The process of qualifying, nurturing and getting a lead scheduled is impossible if that contact isn’t complete. With no contact information, why should it still be in your database?

There should be a prequalification step in place to keep your leads from being half useless. They should be deleted immediately before your CRM database becomes overcrowded with bad leads.

Having a good marketing pipeline created, with a lead filter in place from the beginning, saves everyone time and money.

5. Having No System in Place

If you want your current leads to become paying clients, a lead management system is 100% necessary. 

Having a lead management system creates the opportunity for your pipeline to fill with high-quality leads. Which increases the value of each individual lead.

It’s been proven that without a mature lead management system in place, your lead conversions will be severely impacted. 

How These Impact Your Practice

When it comes to your sales pipeline for medical scheduling, there’s two things that are a HUGE DETRIMENT:

  • Poor response time
  • Bad lead management

If these two factors go unresolved, then the capacity at which your profit could grow will start to show holes.

For example, if you have a remote virtual medical scheduling team in place who are able to contact a new lead 5 minutes after it’s been submitted, that’s your best shot for a follow through scheduling.

In those first 5 minutes, you are 100x more likely to successfully contact that lead than in the future.

Once you have contacted them, in that moment you can engage, filter and qualify them right away. Allowing them to become a high end lead for future scheduling.

On the other hand, if your team is not performing good lead response management, your return investment will show that. 

A Good Lead Response Plan

Having a good lead response plan in place will completely transform your booked appointments. 

By choosing to do remote virtual medical scheduling with RED, your staff can focus on the patients at hand and give us the responsibility of scheduling instead.

Don’t believe us? Hear from one of our past clients:

“We saw a 1008.46% increase in our return on marketing dollars once RED took over as our scheduling company.”

  • Provider in Arizona

Stop wasting your time and resources and getting nothing to show for it. We’ll even send out texts, call, and email old patients with an offer to re-engage interest. We book them to come into the office.

Remote Virtual Medical Scheduling With RED Digital

Allow us to save you time, and schedule new and returning clients. RED has experienced schedulers to keep your calendar BOOKED! We are your do-it-all scheduling company.

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