You are being Tracked for Advertising. Everything Google and Facebook are Tracking To Serve You Ads

Everyone knows you are being tracked, and 99% of us are ok with it. It’s no surprise that computers know everything about you. That’s one of the reasons they will resurface photos, and know exactly who is in them, on your birthday. It’s a generous gesture from Google and Facebook for all the money they are making off of you.

Just the other day, I was at my office, and Maps pulled up the directions to the Golf Course, where I was headed. Google knew my tendencies and knew that around two o’clock, I like to hit golf balls at the golf course. So, they pulled up the directions before I even made the decision.

They watch our clicks, listen to our conversations, know what websites we visit, what we are reading, what we search for, where we are located, what’s in our photos, where we travel, they read our emails, what we are buying, how much we spend, and a whole lot more. Google and Facebook tentacles are far-reaching, and it’s only getting worse. Every app on your phone sends out data.

That’s the deal you make when you use their apps. Facebook’s reach also goes way beyond Facebook itself. It has partnerships with a whole host of marketing firms, and ad networks, so that activities on other sites—including but not limited to logging into a third-party service with your Facebook account—can be combined with your Facebook profile.


If it is free, you are the product.

I am not here to debate if it is ethical, or right, or wrong. I am here to educate you on using the all-seeing eye of Google and Facebook (and their apps) to market your business.

Here’s a simple example of how it works.

You wake up one morning and decide you want to check in on Facebook. You scroll for about 5 minutes and check out a few things you are interested in. You see a post that catches your eye, so you click on it and head to the website.

The moment you opened the app, a whole stream of data gets pushed into Facebook servers. The moment you click on that post, data is sent. Facebook or Google will now adjust the news feed according to you what you clicked on. They will serve you up similar posts that match what you clicked on, hoping they can persuade you to take action. Which usually involves you buying something that you don’t need.

This “all up in your business” tracking system is awesome for businesses. We can use the AI that Facebook and Google created to place our product or service directly in front of a qualified audience.  

How do we use Facebook and Google Tracking to our advantage?

  1. Get in the game. 

You have to be willing to participate and put your business online. Running Google and Facebook ads is the fastest and easiest way to get started.

2. Create a lot of different ads, images, and texts. 

Facebook and Google know people better than you. What you think will work may not. It’s best to give Google and Facebook a variety of ads. This will allow their AI to figure how what will work best.

With Facebook ads, I recommend creating four text ads, four images and mix them up. So that will give you 16 different ads.

3. Target the right audience

Do not get too strict on your targeting. Allow the AI to find the people for you. Years back, the more stringent you were, the better the results. That’s not the case anymore. Open up your audiences and optimize for conversion.

4. Track everything

You will want to have Google Analytics set up correctly. Track everything your users are doing. Know your cost per conversion, cost per customer, cost per click, etc.

5. Remarketing

Make sure you are running remarketing ads. Keep your product/brand in front of your audience. I recommend 20 times. It seems people are taking longer to make buying decisions, so keep your brand in front of them.

Quick recap

Google and Facebook are tracking everything. They know your habits, browsing data, travel plans, tendencies, search queries, and conversations. Both Facebook and Google use this data to get rich and serve you up ads most relevant to you. To take advantage of this technology, you need to be running ads on both networks.

If you need help? We can do all of this for you.

Below is a Youtube video where I explain more about Google and Facebook Marketing, and how you can take advantage of their AI

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