Are you tired of paying money for your get reviews? You should use that money on your customers who are leaving the reviews. Not software that just gives you a nice link.

In this video, I will show you how to set up a webpage to get reviews from your customers. You are going to need this link. Your Gooogle Business ID will replace “Your ID.” ID

The Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Jason. We’re here at Red Digital and I am going to show you guys how to generate a page with a link for your customers to be able to leave reviews.

There’s a lot of software out there, so you have Podium Charges 400 a month and up. I think they might charge more than that. You’ve got a lot that charge $40, charge 90, 100, it’s that gap where you have some that are charging 500 a month all the way down to $40 a month.

Well, I’m going to show you a way that you can just set up a review system on your own that doesn’t cost you anything. It just costs you whatever you’re paying for your website. So let’s jump in.

Here’s what it looks like. So if I want to send out an email to customers and ask them for a review, I’m just going to send them this link.

The link is Now what you can do here, let me show you what happens. I just put “Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.” Had a great experience, you click here. We need to chat, you click here. Great reviews are rewarded. Then I give them some swag if they leave a good review.

So if you click on this link right here, you will see that it takes you right to a spot where you can leave a review. Very simple to do, and that’s what a lot of these software companies that you guys are paying $90 a month to do. This is all they’re doing.

They just do it on their own platform. Then if we need a chat and they have a bad review, it kicks them over to our contact page where they can fill in a form, let us know what’s happening.

Ideally, what I want to do is create a separate page that says, “Hey, have you had a bad experience? I want you to call me or text me at this number.” And give them away to contact us. But what this does is just allows you to bypass. You don’t need to go out there and get some amazing software.

So the very first thing you do is click create your webpage. Just a review page, a separate page, and then the link to here looks like this. ID

You Local ID write a review question place ID here.

Now I’m going to put a link to this down in the description. This number right at the end is known as my Google ID number, so you can identify that very easily. So Google my business ID number.

Okay, this will pop up. You can just go here to can’t find my ID number for support. Click on here, go to a place ID, and it’ll tell you to put in your location. So I’m just going to go Red… Red Digital Marketing Group right there.

There’s my ID. Okay? So it gives it to me. I’m going to take that ID, I’m going to plug it into the URL, which I showed you earlier.

And once that is plugged in, that’s it. You just create the page. When they click on that, that’s the URL they go to. Let me show it to you one more time. local review. You’re just going to replace this end place with your ID and then they can leave a review. So there’s a simple way. Save your money and you have a nice review system.

And then what I like to do is put the review down into the footer of the website. Leave a review right here. And like I said, you can offer them swag, but reviews are important. Google reviews matter. Facebook. If you want them to leave a Facebook review or a Yelp review, you can send them to a page that has the three options and they just click on those options and leave the review.

Okay. Hope that helps. See you.