In this video, Jace and Lesly discuss what steps you should take if your ads are not working. Don’t panic. There is usually always a solution when your ads die. 

My Ads don’t work. What now?

Look at your offer

You have to have a good offer. FREE is ok, but there is a better solution.

Look at your ad

The image of your ad is to stop them from scrolling, the words in the ad should get them to click.

Look at your landing page

If you are getting a lot of clicks and zero conversions, you have a landing page problem. Your landing page should match your ad. There can not be a disconnect between your ad and your landing page. Have the same call to action.

How is Your scheduling?

This is usually where the problems lies. Followup within 5 minutes. That’s mandatory!

Other steps you can take

1. A/B test your landing pages
2. Look at your conversion rate
3. Look at your Click-through rate
4. What is your closing ratio.