Uncovering Business Intelligence through Google Reviews

The Power of Google Reviews

When it comes to marketing a restaurant, online reviews have a significant impact on reputation, rankings, and revenue. In fact, 98% of US adults read reviews, while 86% write them. Furthermore, there’s evidence that Google provides a local ranking boost to new restaurants that receive their first ten reviews. Additionally, experts consider the overall Google review rating to be one of the top ranking factors in local search.

However, there’s more to Google reviews than just their impact on rankings. Google Place Topics, which are displayed on business profiles, offer valuable business intelligence. These topics give insights into the factors that inspire reviewers to write about a particular business.

Unveiling Restaurant Place Topics

In order to uncover the most mentioned factors in restaurant reviews, a case study was conducted on 250 data points. The top-ranked restaurant for the search phrase “restaurant+city” in all 50 US state capitals was selected. The top five place topics for each restaurant were recorded and analyzed, resulting in three main categories: food & drink, amenities, and other.

Food & drink was the most prominently mentioned category, accounting for 64% of reviews. This category included references to specific foods, meals, and food qualifiers. Interestingly, paella seemed to be capturing the excitement of reviewers across the United States. Amenities accounted for 24% of mentions and encompassed physical and intangible amenities, as well as staff and services. The remaining 12% fell into the “other” category and included personal celebrations, compliments, and some ambiguous references.

Decoding Place Topics and Sentiment Analysis

While Place Topics reveal the subjects most frequently mentioned in reviews, they do not indicate the sentiment behind those mentions. It’s essential to go beyond the topics and understand what customers are actually saying about those specific aspects of the business. By leveraging sorting filters, it becomes possible to delve deeper into the sentiment surrounding a particular topic.

For example, filtering reviews by “alfredo” and “most recent” can provide insights into the current sentiment regarding a restaurant’s alfredo dish. By analyzing both positive and negative reviews, businesses can identify areas that need improvement and areas where they are excelling. Comparing these insights with historical highs and lows can help track progress.

Utilizing Place Topic Information

Place Topics offer crucial information about the aspects of a restaurant that customers are most likely to discuss in their reviews. With 86% of consumers considering local business reviews as an important factor in determining trust, it is vital to address the topics that dominate reviews. By focusing on these areas of the business and ensuring they meet customer expectations, restaurants can improve their reputation and increase customer satisfaction.

If worrisome Place Topics are trending on a restaurant’s Google Business Profile, it’s important to take action. For example, if a significant number of reviewers mention food temperature, it may be necessary to implement structural changes to resolve this issue. Understanding what customers expect and how the competition is performing in these areas can provide valuable insights to grow and improve the business.

Overall, the study revealed that the most talked-about aspect of a restaurant is its food. Customers overwhelmingly mention food in their reviews, followed by mentions of amenities. This highlights the importance of delivering exceptional culinary experiences to customers, as it is what drives them to share their positive experiences. In contrast, the focus on ambiance and social cachet seems to have diminished in recent years, with affordability and quality taking precedence.

By regularly analyzing Place Topics, restaurants can gain insights into what matters most to their customers and make informed decisions to improve their operations. This ongoing analysis not only enhances reputation but also contributes to new customer acquisition and business growth.

Closing Thoughts

Google reviews provide valuable business intelligence and should not be overlooked by restaurant marketers. By analyzing Place Topics, businesses can understand the factors that drive customers to write reviews and take action to meet customer expectations. Place Topics, combined with sentiment analysis, offer a powerful tool for improving reputation, rankings, and revenue. So, make it a habit to regularly analyze Place Topics and unlock the insights they provide for the success of your restaurant.