Threads by Instagram: The New Social Network on the Block

Engagement: Threads vs Twitter

Threads, the newest social network by Instagram, has taken the world by storm, garnering over 100 million users in just a week. This rapid growth has left many wondering how Threads compares to Twitter in terms of views and engagement. In a recent study, we tracked the engagement levels of 308 accounts on both platforms to get a better understanding. And the results? They were nothing short of surprising.

Threads Takes the Lead

In terms of engagement, Threads outshined Twitter by a significant margin. The average user on Threads received 31.4 likes (hearts) per post, while on Twitter, the number averaged at 4.9. The difference in comments was even more striking, with Threads users receiving 4.3 comments per post, compared to a mere 0.4 on Twitter.

But what about follower count? One may argue that engagement could be higher on Threads simply because users have more followers. However, when we looked at engagement per follower, Threads still came out on top. Likes per follower on Threads were 0.41%, whereas Twitter lagged behind at 0.015%. When it comes to comments, Threads boasted 0.056% engagement per follower, while Twitter only reached 0.001%.

Does More Engagement Mean More Views?

While Threads clearly triumphs in terms of engagement, the question remains: does more engagement equate to more views and reach? The answer isn’t as straightforward as one would hope. Twitter offers insights into reach, allowing users to see exactly how far their posts have traveled. However, Threads currently lacks this feature, making it difficult to gauge reach accurately.

It’s likely that Threads will follow suit and provide reach data in the future. But for now, it’s all speculation. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain: platforms with higher engagement tend to foster communities that are more likely to become loyal followers and advocates for your brand.

The Future of Threads

While Threads may currently boast impressive engagement numbers, it’s important to remember that no social network can maintain exponential growth forever. As the platform matures and meta begins monetizing it, engagement rates will naturally decrease. Additionally, as users become less active, organic reach is bound to decline.

However, in the next six months, Threads is expected to become even more popular as it expands its user base to more countries. This means that your reach is likely to increase in the short term. The key lies in adapting your content strategy accordingly to make the most of this growth.


In the battle between Threads and Twitter, it’s clear that engagement levels swing in favor of Threads. However, this doesn’t mean you should abandon Twitter altogether. Both platforms offer unique opportunities to expand your reach and connect with audiences.

The beauty of a multi-platform strategy lies in the ability to share similar types of content across various networks, ensuring that more people see your brand’s message. In a world where the average user is present on 6.6 social platforms, it’s crucial to establish a presence wherever your target audience may be.

So, the real question is, are you on Threads? Or do you plan to be? With its skyrocketing growth and impressive engagement, it’s certainly a platform worth exploring for marketers and companies alike. Embrace the power of social media and let your brand thrive across various networks.