The Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools for Boosting Your App’s Visibility

How App Store Optimization Works

App store optimization (ASO) involves optimizing various elements of your app’s listing to improve its ranking in app store search results. This includes optimizing the app name, keywords, description, images, and more. By understanding your target audience and analyzing your competitors, you can create a list of keywords to target and strategically incorporate them into your app store listing.

Why Do You Need Tools to Help with App Store Optimization?

Using app store optimization tools can provide several benefits. First, they can give you visibility into important key performance indicators (KPIs), such as your app’s page rankings, category rankings, and keyword rankings. They can also provide valuable insights and recommendations for improving your app’s visibility and performance in the app stores. Additionally, these tools can make your job easier by streamlining your ASO efforts and helping you make informed decisions.

The 10 Best App Store Optimization Tools

1. Appfigures: This all-in-one optimization tool provides comprehensive analytics, keyword tracking, competitor analysis, review monitoring, and more.
2. AppTweak: Offers data-driven recommendations and custom reporting dashboards to improve app rankings and increase organic downloads.
3. ASO Tools: Provides actionable insights and recommendations to improve app rankings, attract more users, and drive higher conversion rates.
4. AppRadar: Helps optimize app visibility in app stores and offers an ASO workflow for updating app store listings.
5. AppFollow: Focuses on app review management and user feedback, allowing you to monitor reviews, respond to feedback, and analyze user sentiment.
6. SplitMetrics: Offers A/B testing of app store pages to optimize conversion rates and maximize user acquisition.
7. Storemaven: Provides A/B testing and personalized app store recommendations for increasing app store conversion rates.
8. StoreMockups: Specializes in creating high-quality app store screenshots and mockups to attract users and improve conversion rates.
9. MobileAction: Offers a range of free ASO tools and paid products, including app store intelligence and keyword analysis.
10. ASODesk: Provides a range of ASO tools and features, including real-time monitoring of keyword and competitor rankings.

Why Work with an App Store Optimization Agency?

Working with an app store optimization agency can take the burden of ASO off your shoulders and allow experts to handle the process for you. With ASO taken care of, you can focus on other tasks like app debugging, outreach, and SEO for your app’s website. NP Digital is one agency that offers ASO services with a team of experienced experts.


App store optimization is essential for improving your app’s visibility and increasing downloads. Using app store optimization tools can greatly simplify the process and provide valuable insights and recommendations. Whether you choose a full-suite tool or focus on specific areas like A/B testing or keyword research, there are plenty of great ASO tools available to help you optimize your app store listings and boost your app’s success.