The Importance of Branded Search Traffic Share for Your Marketing Strategy

What is Branded Search Traffic Share and Why is it Important?

Branded search traffic is the traffic that comes to your website via a branded keyword search on search engine results pages (SERPs). Branded search traffic share refers to the distribution of total monthly organic traffic that lands on a page for your branded keywords. It is important because when consumers are searching for branded terms, they are usually closer to the bottom of the sales funnel and more likely to convert. Owning the share of the SERP for your branded terms ensures that the conversion is more likely to be your own.

What We Found Looking at the Branded Search Traffic Share of 3 Top SEO Brands

The NP Digital team analyzed the branded search traffic share of three well-known SEO brands: Semrush, MOZ, and HubSpot. Each of these brands had a strong hold on their branded SERPs, but there were some competitors and non-branded websites that were populating their SERPs. The analysis showed that while these brands had a significant share of their branded SERPs, it is important for all brands to optimize their branded search terms regularly to ensure they are not losing share over time.

Using Branded Search Traffic Share to Benefit Your Business

To benefit your business, you need to find out how much share you have for your top branded search terms and prioritize your SEO efforts accordingly. You should also optimize search for branded terms with the same regularity as non-branded terms. This can be done by updating title tags to include your brand name, claiming your Google Business Profile, diversifying branded content formats, and creating a FAQ page. By implementing these strategies, you can increase your branded traffic share, improve visibility, and drive more conversions for consumers lower in the sales funnel.


Branded search traffic share is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It ensures that your brand is visible and converts customers at the bottom of the sales funnel. By analyzing your branded search traffic share and optimizing your branded search terms, you can dominate your branded SERPs and drive more brand traffic to your website. Don’t let competitors or non-branded websites steal your traffic-share. Take control of your branded search results and reap the benefits of increased visibility and conversions.