The Final Agenda for MozCon 2023: Two Days of Action-Packed SEO Insights

MozCon is the annual conference for industry professionals to explore and share the latest tactics in the field of search. In August, attendees will be treated to insights and tactical presentations from leading industry figures. You’ll also get the opportunity to network with fellow attendees at a brand new venue, the Seattle Convention Center’s Summit building. With the opportunity to learn from experienced speakers and marketers, MozCon is the place where attendees can gain actionable insights that will help take their SEO strategies to new heights.

Monday, August 7:
Opening remarks for the conference will be made by Moz’s own Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Cheryl Draper, followed by the keynote speaker, Lily Ray, who will dive into the topic of Google’s Core Updates. Chris Long will then take the stage to discuss why SEOs need to start playing offense instead of defense, before Jackie Chu talks about how SEO experts can navigate complex systems, from allies to political landscapes. Daniel Waisberg, a Google search advocate, will talk about search data at scale, followed by a presentation from Azeem Ahmad on how to future-proof a content strategy with multimedia formats.

Brie E. Anderson will discuss how to navigate the future of analytics with confidence, while Noah Learner will present his evergreen framework for optimizing a career in SEO. Tom Capper will focus on why the SERP is dead and why we need to find happiness and organic revenue in the brave new world. Next up, Lidia Infante will present on the emerging trend of headless SEO. and Crystal Carter will explore the impact of video optimization on SERPs. In the final session, Ross Simmonds will look at AI in the SEO and content industry; whether it’s coming for our jobs, and what we can do to ensure we’re ahead of the curve. The day will end with a chance to catch up with speakers, peers and potential partners over light refreshments and snacks.

Tuesday, August 8:
Starting Day Two, Andi Jarvis will embark on an exciting journey “Back to the Future”, discussing key marketing lessons from history and what that means for the future of marketing. Dr. Pete Meyers will talk about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on search and the innovative ways marketers can put AI chat tools to work. Miracle Inameti-Archib