## Lights, Camera, iPhone: Filming High-Quality Videos with Your Handy Device

It’s an understatement to say that video is important to a successful marketing strategy. 92% of marketers report that videos give them a positive ROI. You may think you need expensive equipment to create a high-quality marketing video, but you’re actually all set if you know how to make a video on an iPhone.

In this post, we’ll walk you through our tips and best practices for filming high-quality marketing and social media videos with your handy iPhone and a few other tools. Whether you’re a small business owner, a content creator, or a social media manager, these tips will help you create compelling videos that capture your audience’s attention.

### Tips for Shooting Videos with an iPhone

Here are some best practices for filming videos with an iPhone.

#### 1. Find a quiet place to film.

Though it’s possible to edit out most background noise in post-production, you’re better off avoiding the issue altogether by recording in a quiet space. This will ensure that your audio is clear and your viewers can focus on your message without any distractions.

#### 2. Make sure your iPhone has enough storage space.

Few things are more frustrating than getting the notification “iPhone Storage Full” while filming. To prevent this, ensure you have enough space before pressing “record” by deleting unnecessary files and apps. Consider purchasing iCloud storage for additional space if needed.

#### 3. Turn off notifications.

You don’t want text notifications, push alerts, or phone calls to interrupt your filming. So, before you start, set your iPhone to Do Not Disturb mode to silence all notifications.

#### 4. Use a tripod.

No matter how steady you think your hands are, they probably aren’t steady enough to film a video for an extended period of time. Use a tripod to keep the video steady and clear. This is especially important if you’re filming a video for your brand that will live permanently on your blog, YouTube channel, or other social media assets.

#### 5. Light your video.

Having proper lighting is essential for high-quality videos. If you’re filming indoors, make sure you have enough light to give the impression of natural light. If you don’t have the time or budget to purchase a lighting setup, find a room or location with plenty of natural light to keep your video subject looking good. Remember to turn off the overhead lights to avoid shadows.

#### 6. Use a microphone.

Quality sound is crucial to an engaging video. Use a microphone to amplify your voice and combat any distracting ambient noise. You can use something as simple as a microphone plugging into your iPhone’s headphone input to get great video audio. Alternatively, you can use an extra iPhone as a mic by opening the Voice Memo app and recording your audio as a memo.

#### 7. Film horizontally or vertically, depending on the platform.

Consider the platform you’re creating content for and film accordingly. If you’re creating content for Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Snapchat, film vertically. If you’re filming for YouTube or Facebook, film horizontally. By aligning your video format with the platform, your content will appear the best it can be.

#### 8. Don‘t use the iPhone’s zoom capability.

Zooming with your iPhone may make the image appear closer, but it will lessen the quality of your video. Instead, physically move your filming setup closer to your subject to eliminate the need to zoom in.

#### 9. Lock your exposure.

Lock the exposure while you’re filming to prevent the camera from continuously adjusting exposure based on movement. This will keep your video clear and in focus. To do this, hold down your finger on the subject of your video until a yellow box appears around it, indicating that the exposure is locked.

#### 10. Use your iPhone’s built-in grid.

If you’re unsure how to frame your shot, use your iPhone’s built-in grid and frame the shot using the rule of thirds. This will help you create visually pleasing compositions.

#### 11. Shoot with your back-facing camera.

While it may be tempting to record with your front-facing camera for convenience, the back-facing camera on your iPhone captures higher quality footage. Use the back-facing camera to give your audience the best visual experience.

#### 12. Use other Apple devices as a preview window.

If you’re shooting alone, Airplay your camera to your Apple Watch, MacBook, or iPad so you can use the device as a preview window. This will help you ensure that you’re in the frame and everything is in place before you start filming.

#### 13. Edit on a computer.

While the iPhone offers many visual editing tools within its interface, it’s best to use editing software on your computer to fine-tune your video. You can use software like iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro to add sound, captions, and adjust filtering to make your video look and sound as professional as possible.

Lights, Camera, Action

You don’t need a ton of expensive equipment to film and edit engaging videos; you just need to follow the steps above to film something that looks professional with the help of your handy iPhone. Whether you’re a content creator, a small business owner, or a social media manager, these tips will help you create compelling videos that captivate your audience.

So, grab your iPhone, find a quiet space, and start filming! With the right techniques and a little creativity, you’ll be on your way to producing high-quality videos that elevate your brand and engage your audience.

What are your tips for filming videos on the iPhone? Share with us in the comments below.

### In Summary

Creating high-quality videos with your iPhone is easier than you might think. By following a few simple tips and best practices, you can capture compelling footage that captures your audience’s attention. From finding a quiet place to film and using a tripod for stability to using proper lighting and a microphone for quality audio, each step plays a crucial role in producing professional videos. Remember to film in the appropriate format for the intended platform and consider editing on a computer for fine-tuning. With these tools and techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to create engaging videos that enhance your marketing strategy and connect with your target audience. So, grab your iPhone and start filming your next masterpiece!