Brand Authority: The Power of Measuring Brand Strength


In today’s digital age, the power of brands cannot be underestimated. Brands have a significant impact on search engine rankings, online influence, and broader marketing efforts. However, measuring the strength of a brand has often been considered subjective and difficult to quantify. That is, until now.

Moz, a leading SEO software provider, has introduced a new feature called Brand AuthorityTM in their Domain Overview tool. This feature provides a measurable Brand Authority score (ranging from 1 to 100) for any domain, allowing businesses to gauge their brand’s strength and influence.

What is Brand Authority?

Brand Authority is a score developed by Moz that measures a domain’s overall brand strength. While Domain Authority measures a website’s ability to rank on search engines, Brand Authority takes into account a brand’s influence across various marketing channels.

Moz recognizes the importance of brands in search results. Search engines like Google understand real-world entities and strive to represent them accurately. Brands play a significant role in shaping search results and user expectations.

For example, when someone searches for “apple,” Google’s dominant interpretation is that they are looking for information related to the company Apple. Even if’s SEO is not perfect, it is still expected to rank highly due to the brand’s influence and recognition.

How Does Brand Authority Work?

Moz’s Brand Authority leverages Google’s rich results and brand signals to detect a wide range of brand terms. By analyzing search volume data, Moz can compute a Brand Authority score for a domain.

The methodology behind Brand Authority taps into Moz’s comprehensive database of search volume information and their deep understanding of search results and rich search features. This allows businesses to gain insights into how often people are searching for their brand and the impact it has on their overall strength.

Benefits and Use Cases of Brand Authority

Strength and Gap Analysis

Brand Authority enables businesses to assess their brand’s strength and identify areas where improvement is needed. It goes beyond website optimization and helps companies understand the broader influence of their brand. This analysis ensures that marketing efforts align with the level of brand recognition.

For instance, a lesser-known brand might discover that heavily investing in SEO and content creation might provide better results than traditional offline advertising. On the other hand, a well-established brand might benefit from optimizing its online presence to maintain a competitive edge.

Assessing Brand Value and Potential

Brand Authority is a valuable tool for assessing the value and potential of brands in various contexts. From sales prospects and mergers and acquisitions targets to reputation management clients, Brand Authority helps businesses evaluate the strength and influence of a brand.

This assessment allows companies to identify solid brands with untapped growth potential and opportunities for partnerships or acquisitions. It also highlights the challenges that might arise when attempting to market a seemingly strong website built around an unknown company.

Measuring the Impact of Digital PR

PR campaigns play a vital role in brand promotion, but their impact can be challenging to measure. Brand Authority provides PR agencies with a quick and straightforward way to gauge the broader impact of their campaigns.

By measuring the word-of-mouth influence of the brands that pick up their stories, PR agencies can showcase the true reach and influence of their campaigns. This metric goes beyond just authority-passing links and provides a comprehensive view of the campaign’s success.


Brand Authority is a game-changer that brings concrete measurements to the abstract concept of brand strength. With Moz’s innovative tool, businesses can now accurately assess their brand’s influence, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions about their marketing strategies.

As the metrics and tools continue to evolve, the possibilities for leveraging Brand Authority are endless. By harnessing the power of brand measurement, marketers can unlock new opportunities to establish their brands as leaders in their industries. The era of hand-waving and wishful thinking in brand building is over – the power of brands can now be quantified.