15 Killer Call-to-Action Formulas to Boost Conversions

Sick of “Click Now” CTAs? Improve Your Game with These Surefire Formulas

Are your website’s call-to-action (CTA) buttons falling flat? Are you tired of the same old “click now” CTAs that don’t seem to be working? It’s time to step up your CTA game and start using formulas that are sure to boost conversions. In this article, we’ll share 15 killer call-to-action formulas that will grab your visitors’ attention and get them to take action.

1. Try it free for [TIME].

The magic word here is “try.” It implies little risk and can be extremely effective, especially for downloadable products or apps. Many SaaS companies and service providers use this CTA formula. For example, T-Mobile and GitHub both use this formula to entice users to try their products.

2. Get started now.

Short and to the point, this formula is perfect if you have limited space in your CTA button but still want to make an impact. Users can get started on a sign-up process, download, or take some other action. ClickTime’s time-tracking software uses this formula effectively.

3. Order your [PRODUCT]/shop today/now.

“Today” and “now” are powerful words that create a sense of urgency and instant gratification. Away Travel uses this formula effectively to encourage users to order their products.

4. Learn more.

Appealing to users’ desire for information, the “learn more” formula is short and direct. It works best if you have an informational product or a multi-step funnel that educates users before asking for the sale. Apple uses this formula effectively to entice users to learn more about their products.

5. Sign up for a free [trial, membership, etc.].

The power of this formula lies in the word “free.” Users are more likely to convert when they see that something is being offered for free. Meditation and sleep app, Calm, uses this formula on their site to encourage users to sign up for a free trial.

6. Start your free trial now.

Building on the previous formula, this variation adds the word “now” to create a sense of urgency. Sparkyard, a digital learning platform, uses this formula effectively to persuade users to start their free trial immediately.

7. Send me the [PRODUCT/SERVICE] right now.

Using first-person language like “me,” “my,” and “I” creates a sense of connection and urgency. This formula relies heavily on the first-person and can be very effective. Add the phrase “right now” to reinforce the sense of urgency.

8. Get [BENEFIT OF SERVICE] today only.

This formula combines the benefit of the product or service with a sense of scarcity by using the phrase “today only.” By highlighting the urgency and exclusivity, you can increase conversions. Make sure to clearly state the benefit in your CTA to entice users.

9. Get your free [SOMETHING].

The word “free” is a powerful adjective that can entice users to take action. Offer something valuable, such as an ebook, webinar, trial, or other benefit, to encourage users to convert. HubSpot offers complimentary assessments using this formula effectively.

10. Subscribe now.

Short and simple, this formula is effective because most of the persuasion has happened in the accompanying copy. With a straightforward two-word CTA, you can grab users’ attention and persuade them to subscribe. Many companies, like Netflix, use this formula successfully.

11. See how it works.

This formula takes a discovery-oriented approach, promoting curiosity and reducing the risk associated with vague CTAs like “buy” or “subscribe.” It works best for SaaS companies that want to showcase how their product works. Zoom’s CTA is a great example of this formula.

12. Talk to us.

Slightly more compelling than “contact us,” this formula invites users to engage in a conversation. It creates a sense of personal connection. Onclusive’s homepage uses this formula effectively to encourage users to reach out and start a conversation.

13. Experience the benefit of [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

Using the word “experience” along with an emotional benefit creates a powerful CTA. Attach a desirable benefit to your product or service to make this formula more effective. IMRCorp.com uses this formula effectively with their CTA.

14. Get [DISCOUNT] while supplies last.

Creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, this formula encourages users to take action before the offer or supply runs out. Printing ads often use this phrase to entice customers. It can also be used as a standalone CTA button on your website.


Adding an extra bonus or benefit to your CTA can increase motivation and conversions. By offering something extra, users feel like they’re getting more value. This formula is sure to grab their attention and persuade them to take action.

In summary, these 15 killer call-to-action formulas are sure to boost your website’s conversions. By using persuasive language, creating a sense of urgency, and offering valuable benefits, you can entice users to take action. Remember to test different CTAs to find the ones that work best for your audience. So go ahead, start using these formulas and watch your conversions soar!