The Rise of How-To Videos: 10 Examples to Inspire Your Next Video Marketing Campaign

Have you ever found yourself searching for how to change a car tire on YouTube, following a smokey eye tutorial on Instagram, or learning a new recipe on TikTok? If so, you’re not alone.

In recent years, how-to videos have gained massive popularity as a way to learn new skills or complete tasks quickly and efficiently. And with the pandemic driving more people to learn new things online, the popularity of how-to videos has only increased.

In this article, we’ll explore why how-to videos are so compelling, the benefits they offer for your brand, and ten inspiring examples to get your video marketing campaign started.

Why Are How-To Videos So Popular?

People love how-to videos because they provide a visual and step-by-step guide on how to perform a task or learn a new skill. Whether you’re a visual learner or prefer interactive educational content, how-to videos have got you covered.

Apart from their educational value, how-to videos are also a useful tool in establishing your brand as an expert in the industry. They can help you showcase the unique features of your product or service, and the benefits of choosing your brand over others.

Benefits of How-To Videos for Brands

According to the latest video marketing statistics, 96% of video marketers believe that video content has increased user understanding of their product or service. Additionally, video content has led to increased website traffic (87%) and sales (80%) for brands that use them as a marketing tool.

10 Examples of Great How-To Videos

1. Hybrid Calisthenics – “You CAN do pushups, my friend!”

This how-to video breaks down push-ups into different stages, making it easier to work up to doing a full push-up. It also offers solutions to common issues, such as wrist pain, that viewers may encounter.

2. Fenty Beauty – “How to prep your skin for non-cakey foundation application”

This video provides a solution to a common makeup concern – cakey foundation application – by showing viewers how to prep their skin using Fenty Beauty products.

3. Sundas Khalid – “How to learn Python fast with ChatGPT”

This video breaks down a complex skill – coding language – using simple, plain language, emojis, stock images, and screen recordings. It offers an excellent example of how to make complex concepts more accessible to viewers.

4. Jade Beason – “How to grow on Instagram from 0”

This how-to video provides comprehensive steps for beginners on growing their Instagram channel from scratch. It’s a great example of targeting a specific audience with detailed steps for achieving a particular goal.

5. Modern Millie – “How to increase your reels views” 

This video offers five tips to increase views on a specific type of Instagram content – Instagram reels. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to stick to the traditional “How-to” title format in your videos.

6. You Suck at Cooking – “How to make chocolate ice cream bars”

This video provides a good example of how to add personality and humor to your how-to videos. With absurd humor, random skits, and funny musical breaks, it’s an excellent way to make your videos stand out.

7. Yvette Young – “How to finger tap on guitar”

This video targets guitar enthusiasts and features award-winning guitarist Yvette Young teaching viewers how to two-hand tap on the guitar, a common technique in her style of music.

8. Art for Kids Hub – “How to draw Stitch from Lilo and Stitch”

This video targets families and children, offering new art tutorials for children every week. It features Rob Jensen and his children hosting its how-to videos to reach its target audience.

9. Maya Lee – “How to wake up earlier”

This video targets people looking to establish a consistent wake-up routine. The video host shares her struggles with waking up and provides tips and tricks to set a consistent routine.

10. Henry Vo – “How to learn the full splits”

This video features the journey of a creator who went from being unable to do a split to performing a full split in 30 days. It’s an excellent example of showing someone’s journey of learning the task in your how-to video.

Closing Thoughts

How-to videos are a powerful tool for brands looking to establish themselves as an expert in their industry, provide solutions to common problems, and demonstrate the unique features of their product or service.

With these ten examples of great how-to videos, you’re ready to add video content to your marketing campaign and build brand awareness, establish credibility, and grow your audience.