Website Hosting Services & Maintenance

Did you know GoDaddy offers website hosting for as low as $3.49/month? Well, we can’t compete with that, nor do we want to. Our website hosting services are not something we push, because we use it for all our clients.

Our website hosting services are a little different, we call it – Managed Hosting.

When you host and manage your website with Red Digital Marketing Group, you receive a personable approach. Our team is dedicated to fixing problems as soon as they arise.

No automated messages when you’re trying to discuss issues, no waiting for hours with a broken site losing valuable customers.

Our dedicated staff will address your issues in a timely manner and ensure your site remains protected and working.

By hosting with Red we can ensure that your customer’s information is highly protected. We also ensure that your business processes are kept confidential. We provide you with a reliable service that is dedicated to upholding the status of your business. When you host your domain with us, your domain will belong entirely to you. Which means if you decide to switch to a different provider there are no surprises, your domain will not be lost.