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We’ve been running Marketing Campaigns for Treatment Centers since 2007. It’s not easy and it’s extremely competitive, but that’s why we are here. Let’s work together to create a marketing campaigns that will your Grow Your Business!

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about our addiction recovery marketing services

“We just started our Urgent Care Center and we need to get the word out. We struggled for a bit until we ran into RED. They fixed our online marketing campaign and started to run ads. Traffic started to pick up and the phones started to ring. Plus we got a cool video as part of our package. It’s been great.”

Anitra (MedUrgent Health Care)

RED came to us almost 4 years ago. We quickly realized our past marketing company was over charging us and not getting the results we needed. RED Digital created a new website, built a video marketing campaign, and started ranking us on Search Engines. It’s been a huge success.

Eric (Owner New Roads)

The Challenge Of Marketing Your Treatment Center


In 2018 Google and Facebook blocked treatment centers from running ads on their networks. It's important that you get approved to run ads. We can help!


You need an Audience and building an Audience is difficult. If you've tried to grow your audience, you know how hard it is. It takes time, content and expertise.


It's competitive and their are a lot of Treatment Centers with private equity backing. In order to compete, you have to use the power of Social Media and Nurturing Campaigns.

RED’s Addiction Recovery marketing campaign is a new way to grow your treatment center – a simple method to finally take action and get massive results.

Eagle Ranch Academy Case Study

How Eagle Ranch Academy Battles The Highly Competitive & Ever-Changing Rehab Space

The Back Story

Eagle Ranch Academy is an excellent company that runs a School for troubled teens. There are a lot of challenges like competition, hate groups, fraudulent clicks, and extremely expensive keywords. Plus Google is always changing the rules. ERA came to Marketing Hy looking to increase their organic traffic, create a Video Campaign, improve their online marketing, and adjust their PPC campaign.

The Opportunity

Like most businesses, ERA wanted more placements and leads at a lower cost. Plus, ERA needed qualified leads. Leads are easy, a qualified lead is a constant battle. They had a great foundation but needed some big adjustments. Social Media, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all provide a great opportunity for any business to get in front of their target audience. We developed some videos (both live videos and animation videos.) and started the campaigns.

Some Of The Assets We Created

New Website – Videos – Social Media – Email – Google Ads – etc

The Marketing Results

A 75% increase in conversion and leads
40% decrease in Cost Per Lead
Click to Conversion increased 70.87%
20% improvement in bounce rate
500 Leads in one month
Automated followup

I’ve been in Addiction Recovery Marketing for 7 years.

Everything used to be a lot simpler. We would place a PPC ad on Google and watch the qualified leads come in. Basically we would swap a little bit of money for qualified leads.

It all came to an end 48 months ago. Ad Costs went through the roof, competition started to pop up all over the place, and everyone was looking for a FREE program. 90% of the calls and leads were unqualified. Not to mention the fact that other programs were clicking on our ads. A simple click cost $100.

Huge problem.

If I couldn’t produce placements, than I would have to find another job! But even worse…I hated the thought of letting my customer down.

Something needed to change. We had hit a wall. We were so frustrated that we decided to go looking for a better system.

The problems were:

1. Ad costs
2. Competition
3. Changes in search habits

Since we owned Ydraw, an explainer video company, we decided to generate video stories that our treatment programs could use. We also implement a Full Digital marketing campaign that included Facebook, Instagram, SEO, YouTube and PPC. This was step number one.

After the campaign was created, we started to produce qualified placements at 1/10 the cost.

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