A Marketing Strategy for Integrated Health Centers, Wellness Practitioners, and Health Doctors

How We Get 35 New Patients Per Week…Using Our Simple Marketing System.

RED digital Marketing Team
The Patient Attraction Roadmap is a step-by-step social media marketing strategy I use to attract 20-30 patients per day using “Attraction Marketing.”

All it takes is a single social post and as little as $1 per day spent on advertising to fully book any practice with patients or clients.

Simply follow the included roadmap and use the provided tools to fill in-person or online appointments, reduce no-shows, and build strong relationships with future patients.
Get the Attraction Marketing Roadmap for ONLY $27 today.

Here’s How the Patient Attraction Roadmap Can Help Your Practice:
Getting more patients and clients – using this simple, proven marketing system to not only attract more attention online, but bring more footfall through the door!
Becoming the trusted, “go-to” specialist patients turn to when they need help – I’ll show you how you can stay “top of mind” for your clients. (it’s less work than you think)
​Having a fully booked practice, less cancellations and more referrals – my proven process makes it simple and easy to follow along.
​Being found online – without wasting money on ads! – my super-simple content creation that gets you to the top of the search rankings (don’t worry – it only takes a few minutes per day).
​Saving time and money on systems that don’t work – freeing you up to do more of the things you love!
​Developing trust with patients – by learning how to effortlessly create content that helps them get great results before they’ve even set foot through your door!!
​Getting your practice in front of the perfect audience – so you can focus your attention on working with those patients you can truly serve.
​Creating a patient attracting marketing system that gets you a calendar full of appointments – no matter what is going on in the world!
​Effortless social media and content creation – using my “fill-in-the-blank” templates (no more worrying “What do I say?”)
​PLUS (and for a limited time): Get my direct feedback on your business to make The Patient Attraction Roadmap will work for you – with a 1-on-1 Strategy Session (zero cost).
​And much, MUCH more!
Text Copy

What if a single post could bring in 20-30 new patients or clients per week?

In-person appointments…

..or virtual.

And what if it worked with ANY type of practice?


I’m an OD and the right type of post, in just the right place, is the only marketing tool I’ll ever really need.

But I’ve also shown this method to…

Physical Therapists…
Physical Therapists…
Even completely ONLINE health & wellness practices…

And many of them have told me the same.

The key is how the post is written…

…and the strategy used to get it out there in the world.

The best part for me is that I can use this method to attract a specific type of patient if that’s who I can help the most.

Another example:

If I want more dry eye patients?

Well, it’s just a new post, and a few tweaks away.

If I want to introduce patients to virtual care?

Again, just a few simple tweaks.

Might be worth a try, right?

Check this out:


It’s called the Patient Attraction Roadmap and it includes the strategy and tools I use for this single post marketing method.