Real Marketing talk…by Chelsea

I don’t think I have seen more incomplete nonperforming online marketing campaigns and websites in my life.

Campaign after campaign, site after site after site…

At RED we pull random websites and find that they are actually DEFLECTING leads and traffic away vs. ATTRACTING them.

And, in most cases, the people that own the companies have NO CLUE this is happening and NO CLUE why it’s happening.

They hired some random agency or their cousin to handle their marketing.

It’s a shame and a waste of money. Plus it’s unnecessary. Marketing isn’t that complicated and most of the problems I see can be fixed in a couple of weeks.

In layman’s terms, this means some of you have sites that are costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

I want to do you a favor…

Fill out the form below and we are going to give you a breakdown on how to fix it. We will go through your site and your listings and do a video for you and FLAT OUT show you where you are LOSING money.

And, we will do this at NO COST to you.


Because some of you may want us to run your marketing campaigns and fix everything.

If you use us to fix all your problems… cool.

If you don’t… cool.

But, not knowing is not right and not fair to you.

So, if you drop your information below, we will go through everything and show you what you need to get fixed asap.