All-In-One Sales & Marketing Automation System For Your Dental Practice

Generate and Nurture Leads On Automation & Increase Revenue Up to 10x Faster


Fully automated lead generation

Stop stressing if your office is following up with leads. It’s automated.


Automated nurturing campaigns

Leads become paying patients. They need multiple touches.


Text, email and voicemail follow up

Convenient conversation in the way your patients like to communicate. 


Reviews, news letters, and forms

Keep in touch and get more reviews

One Software to Replace 15 Softwares.

REDUP handles email, text, reviews, forms websites, calls, pipelines, voicemail drops and more. Everything you need for Lead Capture, Lead Nurture, and Lead Conversion.

Red up
It Replaces the core functionality (and costs!) of all these softwares and more:
Software we replace

And many more, all in just one natively integrated software. Ready to get started?

REDUP is a complete sales and marketing software. We have natively built core functions like email & sms marketing to websites & funnels and everything in between to make running your sales & marketing systems on automation easier. And we replace more than 15 software with one simple cost and one dashboard for all.