Building a BRAND that works!

This is a simple page that shows you the process I (Jace Vernon) took to build a brand for one of my companies. It’s not easy! There is usually drama found in Step 3.

Step 1: Finding a Name

Your name matters, and you want to make sure you pick a name that will stand out. When we started our Wisdom Teeth Dental Practice, we wanted a name that would stand out and be different from your typical dental offices. We came up with…


Some other creative names in different industries

Garage Mahal (Garage Door Company)
Conversion Code (Marketing)
Rockin Rollers (Painting Company)
Mirage Garage (Garage Door Company)
Window Wizards (Window Installation Company)

Step 2: The Logo, Colors, and  Design

This is the fun part. You will work with our team to discover new concepts and designs. Here is an example of All Out Wisdom Teeth! This is not clip art. This is real lettering, real art, and real branding. Nothing beats it!


Step 3: The DRAMA (there’s always drama)

After presenting the brand to my partner and office staff, the drama began. Drama is a normal part of the process. I love the drama because it eventually leads to a brand that most can get behind. I say most because your brand is not going to be for everyone. 99% of the population hates change and wants to feel safe. Safe brands do not get recognized and never stand out among the crowd. Here are the comments from the staff and my business partner. Drama brings a better product.

“The Turban might be offensive.”
“We are not Indian.”
“Why can’t we just keep our other logos?”
“I don’t have anything positive to say”
“Love the colors.”
“Makes total sense. This is awesome.”

Step 4: Changes and final product

We go back to the drawing board and make adjustments.


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