Do I get the GHL + openAI replay if I buy the ‘Click and Deploy Sales-Android?

You sure do!

Do I need to be tech-minded to get this to work?

No. We provide you with our client-ready GHL snapshots so even the biggest technophobes can take advantage.

If you can copy, paste and follow simple instructions then you’ve got everything you need to make this work.

Will this work for my niche?

It’s hard to foresee a niche the Sales Android wouldn’t work in – but there maybe some that don’t require qualification and a sales team?

But a good rule of thumb…

… if your niche has leads that are ‘closed’ by a human (inside or outside of your agency) then yes, it will work.

Does this work for Languages other than English?

If ChatGPT works in your language (it does work in most languages), then we’re confident this will work for you.

You’ll have to translate the prompts we give you from English to your language, but once that’s done then it should work as expected.

Can I offer this to clients as an additional service?

YES! If you’re already or would like to offer High Level to clients as an additional service?

You can install this on their behalf to help them get way more sales, especially if they usually suck at following up with leads.

How is this training structured?

You’ll get access to our Go High Level Snapshots that allow you implement your ‘Click and Deploy AI Sales Machine’ without the need for in-depth tech know-how.

We’ll also provide a supporting training video to show you how to upload and activate these.

Are there any additional costs that I should budget for?

When you join us for this, we’ll provide you with a special link that gets you a free 30 day trial of High Level for being a friend of Flexxable.

After that, you’ll go onto a package of your choice depending on your needs. Packages are either $97, $297 or $497 per month.
A zapier professional plan is required at $49/month or alternatively you could opt for at $10/month or a Core/Pro plan at $18/month.

You’ll need an Open AI account but it’s currently free to use their API.

What is the investment?

It’s just a single investment of $297, that gets you access to the ‘Click and Deploy AI Sales Machine’ snapshots and training, an invitation to the live Troubleshooting Call and the live Prompt Writing Masterclass.

I reserve the right to put this up at any time.

How quickly can I implement this?

If you can copy and paste and are happy to listen to a 15-minute video then you can be set up within 30 mins.

How quickly can I expect to see the results?

You will see results faster than any campaign change you’ve implemented to this day. Remember that you and your clients can’t work 24/7, but the AI can.