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Exclusive Chiropractor Marketing

Neuropathy Straight To Office Campaign

Within 48 hours we had high quality 12 leads and 6
scheduled for an appointment.

Spent $81.23

Cost per lead $6.76

Cost per appointment booked $13.53.

Offer: $49 Neuropathy consultation + exam

Neuropathy Straight To Office Campaign

Within 7 days we had high quality 23 leads and 7 paid scheduled for an appointment.

Spent $230.75

Cost per lead $10.03

Cost per appointment booked $32.96

Offer: $49 Neuropathy consultation + exam

The Truth About Peptides Webinar Campaign :

$1000 Ad Spend

140 Leads

$7.14 Cost per lead

45 Registrants – $22 per registrant

28 Attendees- $35 per attendee

7 Consultations booked- $142 per consultation

Digestive + Thyroid Webinar Campaign :

$250.00 Spent

55 Leads $4.55 per lead

12 showed $20.83

5 scheduled appointments $50.

Offer free digestive consult with a specialist

Hormones and Weightloss

$300 ad spend

59 leads – $5.08 per lead

14 Registered- $21.42 each

14 Attendees- $21.42 Each

4 Consults- $75 per consult

Acupuncturist: “We are closing 90%+ of the leads RED Digital is getting us.”

Chiropractor with a regenerative clinic: “This has been a complete 180! We are finally getting educated leads. I just closed a stem cell lead. Yesterday I had a $49 consult for neuropathy and I closed him during his consult! I am ramping up ad spend because these results are amazing!”

Chiropractor with a new neuropathy program: “My neuropathy program hasn’t “officially” started yet, but I’ve already closed 80%+ of the consults we are getting with RED. All my doctors are happy!”

Functional Medicine Director of a million dollar clinic. Regarding his thyroid seminars: “Okay, that worked too well. Can you stop the marketing earlier? We are getting too many leads! My front desk can’t keep up! Awesome!”

Chiropractor who specializes in neuropathy : “RED is fantastic! Let’s keep this momentum going!! Is there a way to ramp it up to even get more leads this way? “

Health Coach scheduling stem cell leads “Woah! Nice work! 4 out of 6 leads booked I am confident I have one more!”

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