Hire RED to schedule your appointments.

Experienced schedulers to book up your calendar.

Package 1: Full Time Scheduler ($500 per month)

Get Leads scheduled FAST through call, text, and email.

  • We make contact within 5 Minutes of receiving a new Lead during business hours.
  • We set up automated texts + voicemails for each new lead, so they are contacted multiple times within the first day. They are also contacted automatically for 3 days.
  • Calls are forwarded directly to us instead of your front office for scheduling. This helps avoid confusion and increase the lead scheduling rate.
  • We work with your scheduling software to make it easy for your office. 
RESULTS: Provider in Arizona saw a 1008.46%increase in his Return on marketing dollars once we took over.

Package 2: Reactivation of Old Patients ($500 one time fee)

Reengage your old patients with new promotions

  • We send out text and email blasts to old patients, with an offer trying to reengage interest.
  • We call old patients and get them scheduled for new promotions.
  • We send out voicemails pre-recorded from the provider.
Houston doctor scheduled 13 patients with a reactivation campaign. No ad spent!

Package 3: Reactivation of Webinar Leads ($500 one time fee)

Get your webinar leads in the door with a special offer

  • WE send out text and email blast to webinar leads, with an offer trying to reengage interest. Example: One provider offered free b-12 shots to webinar leads.
St George clinic got over 150 injections for a provider just using his webinar leads list

Package 4: Build out a full funnel campaign ($350 one time fee)

Create custom funnel sequence for current campaigns.

  • We build text and email sequences with an offer you choose. Leads move through the pipeline until they are scheduled. (complimentary to all our clients)
Our clients continue hitting record numbers month after month

Package 5: In-House Scheduler Training ($297 one time fee)

Your scheduler gets 1 on 1 training with our scheduling experts

  • Our scheduling team will review your script and give training on how to improve scheduling and show rate. Trainings last 1 to 2 hours.
  • Receive our custom scripts, text and email templates

As Needed Scheduling (call to discuss pricing)

Does your scheduler need a few days off or is she backed up? We can help! We will be your backup incase your scheduler needs a little help.


Get Started Within 48 Hours. Book a call below to start to get started with one of the packages above.