Are you looking to grow your practice? Here are questions you should be asking.

What will RED do to grow my practice?

First, we audit your current online marketing campaign to determine if you have the foundation of online marketing in place. Most do not. After that we fix your website, create landing pages, build lead generation campaigns and drive you customers. You can see some of our work below. 

How will you drive patients into my practice?

We focus on putting your message in front of a qualified audience. We use Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google My Business, YouTube, Social Media, TV ads, Radio ads, and SEO (search engine optimization). Our job is to find your audience and go after them.

How long until you fill my schedule?

This will depend on what you currently have in place and the avenue we choose to create customers. Social media ads and Google ads can bring in customers instantly, but SEO can take months. This is something we discuss. Just plan on 3 months to build momentum. Some of our companies see results immediately some have taken 6 months.

What does RED focus on?

Our focus is on lead capture, lead nurture and lead conversions and building the systems around those 3 things. We work together to find the right message for your audience. Simplicity is key! We use email marketing and retargeting to keep your business in front of your audience until they buy.

Why hire RED vs all the other marketing companies?

We are dramatically different than most marketing agencies. We operate like a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  We get to know your business and put in the time to succeed. Do we have a perfect track record? Of course not! Will we out work, out hustle, and beat any other marketing company? Of course we will. Marketing is hard and takes both of us working together to succeed. It’s a battle out there and you will want people who are hungry, humble and smart!

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Lesly and Jace from RED teaching Integrated Clinics on how to grow their practice.

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