When your BRAND is weak, your marketing will cost more. Build a real brand and grow!

We can build that brand for you. Keep Reading!

Real Branding talk… The truth may hurt.

For a lot of my career, I didn’t like branding. I felt like branding was a waste of money and time. Look at Google. Google had some colorful letters for a brand, and they made it.

My marketing philosophy was to just focus on the product, and the brand would come later.

I was wrong.

If you build a real cohesive brand, your marketing dollars go a lot further. I have seen some brands spend zero on ADs because their brand stood out.

There is a high likelihood that your brand sucks. Most do, so don’t be offended.

Instead, this should light your fire to take some action.

If you are just launching a new business, luckily, you are reading this now and can start right.

Understand this…When your brand is weak, your marketing will cost more.


The Majority of your competitor’s brands are weak. When you build a BRAND, you can take market share from them. Their brands are DEFLECTING leads and traffic away vs. ATTRACTING them.

Here’s what you are not going to do:

Hire some random marketing company or family member to build your brand, logo, and website.

At RED, we build brands, websites, and ad campaigns that take market share from your competitors.

Click on the link below to see our work. and we will give you a proposal on building an actual brand. One that will stand out! We will go through your website, your campaigns, your social media, your listings, and your ads. We will do a video for you and FLAT OUT to show you where you are LOSING money.

And, we will do this at NO COST to you.


Because some of you may want us to build you a brand and a marketing campaign that works.

If you use us to fix all your problems… cool.

If you don’t… cool.

Let’s build an actual brand people will love. I want to show you what type of brand I built for one of my businesses. It’s in the dental niche. Click on the link below to check it out.

Have a good day.

Thanks for reading 

Branding Expert and Business Owner